The Hateful Eight

  • -/10
  • 2h 48m
  • 2015

"The Hateful Eight" is a 2015 western thriller film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The film is known for its distinctive dialogue, ensemble cast, and Tarantino's signature style of storytelling. Set in post-Civil War Wyoming, the movie follows a group of eight strangers who seek refuge in a stagecoach stopover called Minnie's Haberdashery during a blizzard. The passengers include a bounty hunter named John Ruth (played by Kurt Russell) who is escorting a prisoner named Daisy Domergue (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh), another bounty hunter named Major Marquis Warren (played by Samuel L. Jackson), a Confederate soldier turned sheriff (played by Walton Goggins), a Mexican man (played by Demián Bichir), a hangman (played by Tim Roth), a quiet cowboy (played by Michael Madsen), and a former Confederate general (played by Bruce Dern). As the storm rages outside, tensions rise within the haberdashery, and suspicions grow about the true identities and motives of the characters. The film is known for its sharp, witty, and often darkly humorous dialogue as well as its non-linear storytelling, which unfolds in chapters. "The Hateful Eight" received critical acclaim for its performances, script, and Tarantino's direction. It features themes of betrayal, vengeance, and moral ambiguity, which are common in Tarantino's films. The movie also includes graphic violence and intense moments, which are trademarks of the director's work. It was released in both a standard version and a longer, roadshow version with an overture and intermission. The film's ensemble cast and Tarantino's distinctive style have made it a notable entry in the director's filmography.

  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Kurt Russell
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh
  • Drama