Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One

  • -/10
  • 2h 43m
  • 2023

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One is a 2023 American spy action film directed by Christopher McQuarrie and written by Bruce Geller, Erik Jendresen, and Christopher McQuarrie. The movie stars Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell, and Ving Rhames in lead roles. The plot of the movie revolves around Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) and his IMF team, who must track down a dangerous weapon before it falls into the wrong hands. The weapon threatens to destroy humanity, and Ethan must race against time to save the world. The movie is filled with intense sequences of violence and action, some language, and suggestive material. The film has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike for its gripping storyline, excellent performances by the cast, and impressive cinematography. It has been praised for its silly-serious tone, which is a hallmark of the Mission: Impossible franchise.

  • Tom Cruise
  • Hayley Atwell
  • Ving Rhames
  • Action